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globalcon2 | JUNE 15-19

A 5-Day Online Conference dedicated to Office 365, Teams & Power Platform!

Don't miss out: Join us online, for 5 days (15-19 June) of information-packed Office 365 content. Upgrade your skills with our expert presenters and learn the latest tips, tricks and guidance at home. Keynote by Microsoft

Why come to GlobalCon2 .. virtually?

Mark Jones, Collab365 Team

  • Over 30 online expert sessions
  • Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Power Platform + more!
  • Microsoft Presenters
  • MVP's and community expert presenters
  • Perfect if you're working frome home
  • It's NO-COST if you attend as it's playing out.
  • Get involved in our discussions and ChatJams!
  • ... and much more (see below)!


#GlobalCon2 gathers the brightest minds from Microsoft and the Community to give you

step-by-step tips and tricks to make you and your users get the most out of Office 365 Services. 

GLOBALCON2 session line up, so far...

Dates: 15th - 19th June | Location: Online | Starts: 2pm UTC 

We are currently approving sessions in batches. During this 5-day event 30+ expert sessions will bring you the latest learning and insights into Microsoft 365! 

Mark Kashman


The intelligent intranet: Rich content and communication experiences across Microsoft 365

This session will explore what's new and what's next across Microsoft 365. You'll hear and see new experiences across SharePoint, OneDrive, Yammer and Stream - plus key integration points with Microsoft Teams.

Dawid Ziolkowski

B3 Consulting

Use Case: How to manage a project with Power Platform!

In this sesson, I demonstrate how to build a solution to manage project artefacts such as risks, issues, assumptions and details stored centrally with Office 365. This is the story of a real-world project that saw us replace an on-premises SharePoint solution to Office 365. You will learn how we planned and created the solution using SharePoint lists (to store all of the project data), Power Apps (to work with the data) and Power Automate (to provide approvals at various stages of the project). If you run projects in your business and want to know how to create a great solution using the latest tools .. this is for you!

Heather Zigli


Enabling and Activating Office 365 - Points to Ponder

Many Office 365 projects go over budget and schedule and / or fail to achieve business objectives. Join this session to learn how to avoid common pitfalls and plan for success!

Paul Stork

Don't Pa..Panic Consulting

Automating Desktop and Web Tasks with Power Automate: Building UI Flows

Power Automate flows can do a lot to automate repetitive tasks. But up until now they only worked if there was a pre-built connector with actions that can accomplish the task or at least an existing Appliction Programming Interface API that you could use to build a custom connector. In this talk we'll look at Power Automate's entry into the world of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) called UI flows. Using UI flows You can automate repetitive tasks on your desktop in Windows or a Web application. UI flows record and play back user interface actions, like keyboard entries, mouse clicks, etc. UI flows open up possibilities to automate applications that don't have a pre-built connector or an API.

Tomasz Poszytek


Boost user experience in your business processes with Adaptive Cards

Cards are in Office 365 for some time already. Originally created as Message Cards after some time rebuilt from nearly a scratch to become Adaptive Cards. Today they can be used in Microsoft Teams and Outlook. This session will let you to learn:

• What is a difference between Message and Adaptive Cards,
• How to design cards,
• How to use them - a working example
• What to expect from the upcoming releases and version vNext (2.0)

Process designers should make their processes as intuitive as possible, allowing their participants to take their part in the most effective way, whether this is an e-mail, Teams conversation or a task somewhere in Office 365. Using Cards helps creating new channel for efficient participation in business processes.

Mark Stokes


A whirlwind tour through 7 of the most important Microsoft Office 365 services

In this session we will take you on a whistle stop tour of some of the major Microsoft 365 services to see how we can bring them all together in one common solution. We will take a look at: SharePoint, Forms, Teams, Power Automate, Power Apps, Power Virtual Assistant and Power BI. That’s a lot of Power! This is not to be missed.

Ashley Rogers

PAIT Group

Making Teams Shine with Power Automate

Make the most out of your Teams implementation with a little help from Power Automate! Come learn about automating messages, posting emails, working with channels, and much more. Attendees will leave with ideas they themselves can implement using Teams and Power Automate without any developer experience.

Rene Modery MVP

Not specified

Microsoft Stream - The Central Video Hub for your Organisation

Microsoft Stream is the intelligent video platform in Office 365 that you can leverage to distribute videos within your company. This session will help you to get an overview of Stream, and will show you

  • Different ways how you can produce and upload videos (Teams, mobile app, ...) 
  • How you can structure and manage video content 
  • How you can leverage the intelligent platform capabilities of Stream, such as transcripts and captions in multiple languages 
  • Integrate Stream videos in other areas of Office 365 (SharePoint, Power Apps, Teams)

Zoe Wilson

Agilisys Ltd

Mastering Accessibility in Microsoft 365 - A Whistlestop Tour

Are you creating accessible Microsoft 365 solutions and are they easy to use? During this session, I will explain what accessibility is, why Microsoft are focusing on accessibility as a priority, and why inclusivity is so important for all of us. We will look at the different types of accessibility features that help with vision, hearing, mobility and neurological ie autism or dyslexia as an example.

Alan Eardley


To-Do, Doing, Done: How to manage work

We all have to-do lists, many of us work on projects, and we all work in one or more teams. Microsoft has been kind enough to provide many tools to help us manage tasks, some may say too many tools. They all have different strengths and weaknesses, which make them appropriate for different scenarios.

This session explores how tools such as To-Do, Planner, Project and Azure Boards offer different capabilities for managing tasks that are personal, for teams or part of projects.

As part of this session, we will explore the options for each tool to understand how to use them and how they can be extended, integrated and reported on.

This session will provide an insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the tools so that you can better assess your needs and choose the best tool for the job.

Kelly Edinger

Pivotal Consulting

How to use Office 365 as a Learning & Development Tool

Learn how to use Office 365 as a Learning & Development tool - onboarding new hires, helping existing employees skill up and annual compliance training can all be accomplished. We'll look at Forms, Stream, SharePoint and Power Automate.

Alexander Eggers

epc GmbH

Best practices to adopt Teams at SMB Customers

The adoption of Microsoft Teams is a special challenge. Especially in smaller companies with 50-150 employees, different rules apply than in the enterprise sector. Fears and resistance make the rounds faster in the company canteen and so team adoption can quickly become a problem. In my session, I describe our approach and what needs to be paid particular attention to the SMB customers. Many best practice examples complete the presentation.

Chirag Patel

Patel Consulting

Teaching IT how to manage and govern Microsoft Teams and other Office 365 workloads

Want to manage your Microsoft Teams and Office 365 workloads efficiently? In this session, we will cover 10 steps of successfully looking after your Office 365 workloads and keeping your users and stakeholders happy and informed! This session is designed for IT Pros who are looking for ways to make their day to day life easier.

Marcin Siewnicki


Using Microsoft Teams for Education

Remote work/work from home is very popular right now and with Microsoft Teams it is easy and very effective. But what about remote learning?

There is a dedicated version for Education with pre-designed components (you won’t find them in standard Teams) that allow to quickly build classes, prepare for lessons and work with assignments.

That sounds great but let's go and take a look how it really works.

During this session I will discuss what's unique in Teams for Educations, how to use each component to create a successful learning experience.
I will show you:
- How to prepare Class Teams, schedule lecture, prepare materials and assignments
- How to present content and communicate with students during meeting
- How to work with Assignments and Grades, share materials and recordings

Kevin McDonnell


Engaged, informed and not touching - the etiquette of running virtual workshops over Microsoft Teams

There are times where you can’t hold a workshop where you are all in the same place. It may be a global team or it may be that a global virus has everyone stuck at home (who could imagine that happening...) but there are certain tips and tricks you can use to help the meetings run effectively when you can’t all sit round next to each other. I have now run several in this way and while there are still benefits of being face to face, you can be almost as effective in a virtual world.

Take part in a 'Cage Match' to find out which solution best fits your needs 

Microsoft have done an amazing job of building a vast array of services to suit our every need. You could argue there's too much choice as it can be confusing knowing when to pick one solution over the other. 

Join one of our exciting, light-hearted cage matches to watch experts debate when to use one tool over the other, and when to use them together. You can also join along in chat to have your say!

Examples of Cage Matches:

  • Yammer vs Teams
  • No-code vs Code
  • Planner vs Project
  • Wunderlist vs TODO
  • CosmosDB Vs SQL
  • Intranet Build vs Buy

Want to take part or have an idea for a Cage Match?

We're looking for panellists to appear live in our cage matches. Ben Stegink, CEO of Intelligink will be managing the agenda and hosting the cage matches. If you'd like to take part, please contact us at [email protected]

Am I invited?

Well that depends... #GlobalCon2 is only for people who want to improve their Office 365 skills and stay up to date with the latest techniques for building, configuring and developing against Office 365 services, including Teams, SharePoint, Power Apps, Power Automate and more. Is that you?

Why attend one of our Virtual Summits?

They're free!

Here at Collab365 we're passionate about bringing you the latest information about Microsoft Products and Services. We also believe that it should be affordable for all. Our Summits are free to attend (up to 5000) and even then we only charge a nominal fee to help cover the production costs.

they're nice to the planet 

We're also doing our bit to help with global warming. Our virtual conferences use a fraction of the Carbon of their physical counterparts. You need power and an internet connection to join in, but there is no travel or accommodation to offset, nor any plastic cups to throw away afterwards.

post conference materials

After each Summit is over we get really busy producing the videos on-demand and creating Companion EBooks to help you learn all year round. We do ask for a small donation to help support the costs of creating these, but it's very affordable and there is no obligation to buy them.

chat with your peers

It's great to just sit back, watch and listen to the sessions, however you can also get involved by joining the discussion in chat or by asking the speaker questions. It's a great way to feel more connected.

watch our expert speakers 

We invite speakers from all over the world. Many have made their name and been awarded MVPs or Regional Director status. Others work at Microsoft or have achieved top certifications such as MCT.

get more help when it's over

Some of the Speakers at our Summits also offer consultancy to help you continue your learning on our newest service Collab365 MicroJobs! No matter how big or small your request, they will be happy to help.

Questions we always get asked ...

Why is it "FREE"? What's the "catch"?

There's no catch at all. We truly believe in bringing education to everyone regardless of budget. If you attend and watch the sessions at their scheduled time, each day is free to watch while it's playing. 

Can I watch the sessions when it's over?

Yes, however, to watch the sessions when it's over you will need an "All-Access Pass". These are inexpensive and allow us to offer the main event completely free. 

Can I chat while the session is playing?

Certainly! We actively encourage it because this is how you get the most out of the session. The "chat" is positioned to the right of the session video, so doesn't distract. Hundreds log in to chat so that they can chat with their peers and ask the speaker questions.   

Can I get personal coaching?

Many of our Speakers also offer their services on Collab365 MicroJobs. This is our freelancer marketplace dedicated to serving the Microsoft community. If you'd like to ask the Speakers more questions or dig in deeper then it's easy to hire them on MicroJobs.

What if I can't make certain days?

Just as with a physical conference, if you can't make the live event you will miss out. If you want to watch any sessions you miss, or want to re-watch them (as many do), then you will need an "All-Access Pass".

Can I download the videos?

You can't download the videos but we do host them in our own platform so you can watch them as they play.  

Is this streamed "Live"?

Our sessions are prerecorded to ensure we have the best possible streaming quality and experience. However, our conference platform plays each session as though it is "live", meaning every attendee sees the same second at the same time. This allows our speakers to answer your questions during the presentation without interrupting the flow. Feedback since we switched to this approach has been overwhelmingly positive. 

What if the Speaker isn't a Freelancer?

If a particular speaker (such as those that work at Microsoft), don't offer a freelancing service, you can easily find someone with similar knowledge and skill set on MicroJobs.

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