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GLOBALCON2 session line up, so far...

Dates: 15th - 19th June | Location: Online | Starts: 2pm UTC 

Jeff Teper

Microsoft : Keynote

Keynote: The latest innovations in SharePoint, OneDrive, and Office for content collaboration in Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 empowers individuals, teams, and organizations to be creative, collaborative, and effective with an integrated suite of experiences that are simple, superior, smart, and secure.

Jeff Teper shares the latest innovations and updates for content collaboration, employee engagement and communications, and knowledge management.

Learn how the experiences in Microsoft 365—including SharePoint, OneDrive, Yammer, Stream, and Office—integrate to power collaboration across devices, on the web, in desktop and mobile apps, and in the hub for teamwork, Microsoft Teams.

Brad McCabe


Connect the workplace with engaging, dynamic experiences across your intranet

The intelligent intranet in Microsoft 365 powers collaboration, employee engagement, and knowledge management. The intelligent intranet is mobile-ready, personalized, social and actionable. Join in and explore innovations like multilingual pages, navigation, news, pages, and broader integrated solutions with Yammer, Stream, and Microsoft Teams.

Luca Bandinelli


SharePoint developer overview

Discover how every experience can become more collaborative and engaging with the Microsoft 365 platform – starting with SharePoint. SharePoint serves as the center of collaboration – where content is stored and communicated across teams, departments, and the whole organization. See the latest development advancements and new capabilities for SharePoint. You’ll take away new ideas for building next-generation collaboration applications, and get the essential roadmap for custom apps in your organization.

Sesha Mani


Security and compliance in SharePoint and OneDrive

Safeguard your devices, personal information, and files from being compromised. This session explores the core tenets of platform security, secure access and sharing, information governance, and compliance across SharePoint, Microsoft OneDrive, and Microsoft 365.

Lorena Huang Liu & Christina Torok


Microsoft 365 Live Events and remote work

Learn how live events can help your organization deliver better communications, training and more. In this session, we will walk through a detailed setup of a live event and take a look at the underlying technology that enables successful live broadcasts.

Dawid Ziolkowski

B3 Consulting

Use Case: How to manage a project with Power Platform!

In this sesson, I demonstrate how to build a solution to manage project artefacts such as risks, issues, assumptions and details stored centrally with Office 365. This is the story of a real-world project that saw us replace an on-premises SharePoint solution to Office 365. You will learn how we planned and created the solution using SharePoint lists (to store all of the project data), Power Apps (to work with the data) and Power Automate (to provide approvals at various stages of the project). If you run projects in your business and want to know how to create a great solution using the latest tools .. this is for you!

Rene Modery MVP

Not specified

Microsoft Stream - The Central Video Hub for your Organisation

Microsoft Stream is the intelligent video platform in Office 365 that you can leverage to distribute videos within your company. This session will help you to get an overview of Stream, and will show you

  • Different ways how you can produce and upload videos (Teams, mobile app, ...) 
  • How you can structure and manage video content 
  • How you can leverage the intelligent platform capabilities of Stream, such as transcripts and captions in multiple languages 
  • Integrate Stream videos in other areas of Office 365 (SharePoint, Power Apps, Teams)

Paul Stork

Don't Pa..Panic Consulting

Automating Desktop and Web Tasks with Power Automate: Building UI Flows

Power Automate flows can do a lot to automate repetitive tasks. But up until now they only worked if there was a pre-built connector with actions that can accomplish the task or at least an existing Appliction Programming Interface API that you could use to build a custom connector. In this talk we'll look at Power Automate's entry into the world of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) called UI flows. Using UI flows You can automate repetitive tasks on your desktop in Windows or a Web application. UI flows record and play back user interface actions, like keyboard entries, mouse clicks, etc. UI flows open up possibilities to automate applications that don't have a pre-built connector or an API.

Tomasz Poszytek


Boost user experience in your business processes with Adaptive Cards

Cards are in Office 365 for some time already. Originally created as Message Cards after some time rebuilt from nearly a scratch to become Adaptive Cards. Today they can be used in Microsoft Teams and Outlook. This session will let you to learn:

• What is a difference between Message and Adaptive Cards,
• How to design cards,
• How to use them - a working example
• What to expect from the upcoming releases and version vNext (2.0)

Process designers should make their processes as intuitive as possible, allowing their participants to take their part in the most effective way, whether this is an e-mail, Teams conversation or a task somewhere in Office 365. Using Cards helps creating new channel for efficient participation in business processes.

Tiago Costa

Independent Contractor

Get-AzCertified "Know all about Microsoft Azure Professional Certifications"

Want to push your career to the next level with a Microsoft Azure Certification?
In this session we will dive into how Microsoft Azure certifications can help you and how you can achieve it. We will review all Azure related certifications paths and how can you prep to pass on the exams.
Dive into the how and why behind Microsoft’s new certifications and find out how they can help you. Topics include:
- New certifications focused on Azure Roles: Administrator, Developer, Solutions Architect, DevOps and Security
- Certification related training and preparation materials now available

Tiago Costa

Independent Contractor

ARM your Azure Infrastructure in 60 Minutes

Microsoft Azure is an amazing platform and in a few minutes we can create an complex infrastructure, but if this is not done in a proper way, we end-up with a disorganized Azure Subscription. In 60 minutes, this session shows you how to generate ARM Templates for consistent and repeatable deployments and how you can automate the deployment of your Infrastructure. We will also touch in some more advanced techniques to push your ARM templates to the next level. You will be amazed for the amazing capabilities that we have in ARM templates.
During a demo-dependent session we are going to check how Azure DevOps can help us, using Azure Repos to control the versioning of ARM Templates and Azure Pipelines to deploy then. In just 60 minutes we are going to create a full ALM experience for your Azure Infrastructure.

Mark Kashman


Content collaboration with SharePoint, Planner, and Microsoft Teams

SharePoint connects the workplace and powers content collaboration through lists, pages, news, and files. Planner helps coordinate tasks across team members and projects. And Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork that brings it all together - greater than the sum of their parts. Join Mark for an overview of how these products interact with each other and learn about latest integrations from Microsoft to bring the richness of SharePoint and Planner directly into Teams. We'll explore new innovations for sharing and working together with data using SharePoint lists, and no-code productivity solutions that streamline business processes.

Randy Wong


OneDrive powers intelligent file experiences across Microsoft 365

OneDrive is the intelligent files app for Microsoft 365. In this session we will cover upcoming innovations and explore functionalities that empower you to access, share and collaborate on all your files from anywhere while protecting your work.

Lincoln DeMaris


Share and track your information with Microsoft lists across Microsoft 365

Get an early look at Microsoft Lists - your smart information tracking app in Microsoft 365. Lincoln will showcase how Lists evolve from SharePoint lists today and how current and new innovation empower individuals and teams to create, share and track information – all in the apps they use every day, including Microsoft Teams. Lots of demos highlighting Lists home, mobile, conditional formatting, fast quick edit, ready-made templates, new views, alerts, flows and more; work tracking with built-in security and compliance.

Chakkaradeep (Chaks) Chinnakonda Chandran


Design productivity apps with SharePoint lists and libraries, Power Apps, and Power Automate

No-code and low-code apps have been essential in SharePoint for a long time. Additional tolls from the Power Platform - Power Apps and Power Automate - provide additional power and capability to build productivity using SharePoint lists as the data source. We also discuss the patterns to help transform customer solutions that still remain on-premises and/or in legacy tool sets like InfoPath, SharePoint Designer or Access Web Apps.

Melissa Torres


Architecting Your Intranet

You’re ready to start bringing the power of the intelligent intranet to your organization but you are wondering where to start. What should you do with your existing sites? What about navigation? How should you think about your IA? These are just a few of the questions you might be wondering. Join us for this discussion as we help break through the analysis paralysis and learn from the best practices of numerous customers that have already started the journey.

Mark Stokes


A whirlwind tour through 7 of the most important Microsoft Office 365 services

In this session we will take you on a whistle stop tour of some of the major Microsoft 365 services to see how we can bring them all together in one common solution. We will take a look at: SharePoint, Forms, Teams, Power Automate, Power Apps, Power Virtual Assistant and Power BI. That’s a lot of Power! This is not to be missed.

Ashley Rogers

PAIT Group

Making Teams Shine with Power Automate

Make the most out of your Teams implementation with a little help from Power Automate! Come learn about automating messages, posting emails, working with channels, and much more. Attendees will leave with ideas they themselves can implement using Teams and Power Automate without any developer experience.

Alexander Eggers

epc GmbH

Best practices to adopt Teams at SMB Customers

The adoption of Microsoft Teams is a special challenge. Especially in smaller companies with 50-150 employees, different rules apply than in the enterprise sector. Fears and resistance make the rounds faster in the company canteen and so team adoption can quickly become a problem. In my session, I describe our approach and what needs to be paid particular attention to the SMB customers. Many best practice examples complete the presentation.

Zoe Wilson

Agilisys Ltd

Mastering Accessibility in Microsoft 365 - A Whistlestop Tour

Are you creating accessible Microsoft 365 solutions and are they easy to use? During this session, I will explain what accessibility is, why Microsoft are focusing on accessibility as a priority, and why inclusivity is so important for all of us. We will look at the different types of accessibility features that help with vision, hearing, mobility and neurological ie autism or dyslexia as an example.

Marcin Siewnicki


Teams Secured – how to protect your data in Microsoft Teams

Teams is a great tool for collaboration and teamwork and we can use it in countless scenarios.
But what about data we send through it and store inside it?

In this session I will focus on what happens behind the scenes and how we can protect data/information in Teams:
- Teams data flow - where does Teams store my data?
- Sensitivity and classifications labels in Teams
- I've just deleted my team... - what happens with deleted information and how to take control over it
- DLP - how to avoid data leaks in Teams
- Guest and External users - what's the difference, how they can interact with my data?

Kevin McDonnell


Engaged, informed and not touching - the etiquette of running virtual workshops over Microsoft Teams

There are times where you can’t hold a workshop where you are all in the same place. It may be a global team or it may be that a global virus has everyone stuck at home (who could imagine that happening...) but there are certain tips and tricks you can use to help the meetings run effectively when you can’t all sit round next to each other. I have now run several in this way and while there are still benefits of being face to face, you can be almost as effective in a virtual world.

Christian Buckley

Microsoft RD

​Everything You Need to Know About Tasks in Microsoft 365

Microsoft has begun to integrate the various task-based capabilities within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, creating a consolidated user experience. We're not 100% there yet, but for project managers and task-driven stakeholders, it is important to understand what is available today, how tasks communicate (and don't communicate) with each other across workloads, and where Microsoft is going in the future. This session is a review of task management across the entire Microsoft 365 landscape (Teams, SharePoint, To-Do, Planner, Project, Outlook, and more) to help you understand where tasks are created, integrated, and managed end-to-end. 

Chuck Gafford

Enterprise Cloud Architect

Microsoft Azure for Newbies

In this introduction to Azure session, attendees will learn a little about the beginning, the current state and the future of the Microsoft Azure Cloud. They will learn what Azure is and what it can do for them and for individual and businesses.

Naomi Moneypenny & Chris McNulty


Knowledge and Project Cortex – the Microsoft 365 Vision

In a world of rapid change, harnessing knowledge empowers people to act quickly, and organizations to be more resilient. Later this year, Microsoft will release Project Cortex, our new knowledge and content management solution. Join us for an overview of Project Cortex and how it helps customers harness knowledge throughout Microsoft 365.

Jason Mayans


The New Yammer

The new Yammer is landing. See how Yammer has been completely redesigned to power leadership engagement, company-wide communication and communities in Microsoft 365. Explore the new capabilities, features, and styling while discovering how Yammer continues to supercharge community, knowledge sharing, and engagement across Microsoft 365.

Vesa Juvonen


Jump start your projects with community projects from Patterns and Practices (PnP)

Across SharePoint and Microsoft 365, an extremely active developer community has come together with SharePoint engineering and have released numerous valuable reusable components and controls, which will simplify design, implementation, and management of Microsoft 365 and on-premises deployments. Join this session to hear the latest updates around the different guidance, samples, and reusable assets built by the community for the community.

Ankita Kirti


Collaboration & external file sharing across Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 provides a rich set of solutions for collaborating with users both inside and outside of your organization. This session offers an in-depth look at existing and brand-new external sharing capabilities. Learn best practices for configuring external sharing and educating users on how to best leverage Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive for collaborating with others.

Hani Loza & Eric Warnke


Migration to SharePoint, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams in Microsoft 365, free and easy

Regardless of your organization's size, data scale or information complexity, you can migrate documents and sites into SharePoint in Office 365 successfully. Come learn about new capabilities available in the SharePoint Migration Tool ( in addition to performance and reliability investments to best assess, plan and implement your migration. Learn how to migrate file shares, doc libraries, and SharePoint Server 2013 sites and more using the SharePoint Migration Tool and new capabilities to simplify large file share migrations through SharePoint Admin Center.

Kelly Edinger

Pivotal Consulting

How to use Office 365 as a Learning & Development Tool

Learn how to use Office 365 as a Learning & Development tool - onboarding new hires, helping existing employees skill up and annual compliance training can all be accomplished. We'll look at Forms, Stream, SharePoint and Power Automate.

Chirag Patel

Patel Consulting

Teaching IT how to manage and govern Microsoft Teams and other Office 365 workloads

Want to manage your Microsoft Teams and Office 365 workloads efficiently? In this session, we will cover 10 steps of successfully looking after your Office 365 workloads and keeping your users and stakeholders happy and informed! This session is designed for IT Pros who are looking for ways to make their day to day life easier.

Heather Zigli


Planner 101: Step up your task management in Office 365

It's easy to get overwhelmed with tasking your tasks, even just within Office 365 apps.

Join this session to learn how to:

•Create and Manage a Plan
oScenario #1: Content Management
oScenario #2: Incident Management
oScenario #3: Event Planning
•View Your Personal Tasks
•Integrate Planner into Microsoft Teams
•Integrate Apps using Power Automate (Flow)
Additionally, we'll review how to make the most of the Planner mobile app. Last, we'll discuss upcoming changes to Planner integration in Microsoft Teams.

Alan Eardley


To-Do, Doing, Done: How to manage work

We all have to-do lists, many of us work on projects, and we all work in one or more teams. Microsoft has been kind enough to provide many tools to help us manage tasks, some may say too many tools. They all have different strengths and weaknesses, which make them appropriate for different scenarios.

This session explores how tools such as To-Do, Planner, Project and Azure Boards offer different capabilities for managing tasks that are personal, for teams or part of projects.

As part of this session, we will explore the options for each tool to understand how to use them and how they can be extended, integrated and reported on.

This session will provide an insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the tools so that you can better assess your needs and choose the best tool for the job.

Nick Brattoli

Three Six Five Consulting

Logic Apps: the big brother you didn't know your flows had

A lot of people are familiar with Microsoft Power Automate (formerly Flow), but did you know about Azure Logic Apps? You can do many things possible with a flow (and some you can't), with an easier licensing model. In this session, Nick Brattoli introduces you to Logic Apps by discussing the following:

  • What is Logic Apps?
  • How is it related to a flow?
  • What licensing model does Logic Apps have?
  • When would you use Logic Apps vs a flow?
  • What other integrations does Logic Apps have?

If you've struggled with certain things within your flows, Azure Logic Apps may be for you. Come check out this session and find out!

Laura Rogers

IW Mentor

Digitally Signing Forms in Power Apps

In Power Apps, there is a pen input control, which can be used to collect a signature. In this session, you'll learn how to add the pen input to a form, and create an output of a signed document converted to PDF. This is done without using any 3rd party signature platforms.

Nuno Árias Silva

Gfi Portugal

Extend your Active Identity to the Cloud

Extending an on-premise Windows Server Active Directory (AD) infrastructure into the cloud is an important topic to consider when planning the migration or implementation of cloud-based applications
Features Covered:
• Many existing applications require Active Directory for authentication and identity management.
• When migrating applications to the cloud, having a locally accessible Active Directory is an important factor to ensuring that AD authentication is fast and reliable.

Session Objectives:
• How to implement
• What are the architectures
• Using best practices

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