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Mark Jones (Collab365 Team)

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Mark Kashman, SharePoint Senior Product Manager


  • Microsoft 365 Governance (presented by Microsoft)
  • How to get the best from Microsoft Learning Pathways
  • Master OneDrive B2B Syncing
  • Learn all about Microsoft Teams conversations
  • Office 365 Compliance - a complete run down
  • Learn what Project Cortex is
  • Build chatbots with NO CODE!
  • ... and much more (see below)!


#GlobalCon1 gathers the brightest minds from Microsoft and the Community to give you

step-by-step tips and tricks to make you and your users get the most out of Office 365 Services. 

Collab365 Global Conference session line up, so far...

Dates: 2nd  - 6th March | Location: Online | Starts: 2pm UTC 

Mark Kashman, Microsoft

Plan for governance to transform teamwork with Microsoft 365

microsoft 365

Employee collaboration with colleagues inside and outside of the company is the name of the game. Finding a balance between readily sharing files and protecting corporate assets is crucial. Learn how to use, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint to help manage, govern, and protect your data in a highly collaborative environment. Pre-read:

Rohit Puri, Microsoft

Building Power Apps that connect to SharePoint and Azure services.


Rohit Puri is a principaI PM Manager at Microsoft. In this session you will learn how to connect Power Apps Azure and O365 services.

April Dunnam, Microsoft

Componentize your Power Apps

Power apps

Do you find yourself rebuilding the same menu control time and time again in your Power Apps? Did you build a standard header into all your PowerApps screens and 2 months later your customer decides they want to change the color and font? If you're tired of reinventing the wheel and dealing with these update issues then it's time to embrace the power of components!

In this session, we'll explore what components are, how to set them up and most importantly, show several examples of how components can make your Power Apps maker experience easier!

Rory Neary

Storytelling with data using the Power Platform

Power BI

Storytelling is a very human phenomenon, which goes back hundreds of thousands of years to when humans first gained the ability to speak. In this session we explore a Power Platform Solution that has the capability of telling compelling stories through text, images, Power BI and even Microsoft Stream. With these resources at our disposal we can begin to reach for the holy grail of data visualisation - Actionable Insight.

Erica Toelle MVP

How Project Cortex will Help Your Organization


Project Cortex is a new service from Microsoft that uses AI to enhance knowledge management and content. In this session, we will review the Project Cortex announcements from Ignite. We will also talk about what these announcements mean for your organization and what you can start doing today to get the most value from Project Cortex later.

Matt Weston MCT

Building your SharePoint Intranet in 2020


In the latter half of 2019 there were a number of advancements made in SharePoint which are great news stories for building an Intranet in SharePoint Online. In this session we will look at those key features, and look at how they benefit you as an organisation.

Ashley Rogers

How do I HTTP (in Power Automate)?


Power Automate is amazing, but sometimes what we want to do requires a little extra help. This session will cover everything you need to get started working with the HTTP and HTTP to SharePoint connectors and actions in Power Automate, no developer experience necessary!

Julie Turner MVP

Introducing Microsoft 365 learning pathways

Office ​365

Microsoft has some great learning materials available via its and sites, but delivering that content to your end users has been a tedious exercise in the past. It's been up to you to monitor all the training available and build a training site - possibly in SharePoint - to deliver it to your users. With the release of Microsoft 365 learning pathways through the SharePoint Online Provisioning portal, you now have a way to provide your end users a customized training experience that leverages all the great content from Microsoft - plus content that you create in your organization.  Join me to learn all the ins and outs of this great new offering.

What we'll cover:

  • What exactly is Microsoft 365 learning pathways
  • What are my options for using it in my Office 365 Tenant
  • How do I customize what content is available and how it's organized
  • How do I build custom content

Hans Brender MVP

B2B Sync - the supreme discipline of synchronization


After years of „normal Synchronization with documents Microsoft released B2B sync. More and more companies are in the Cloud or going into the Cloud. With Office 365 and Collaboration B2B Sync (Business to Business Synchronization) Microsoft is going to move enhance such capabilities. The session describes the core principles for syncing from OneDrive to B2B, explains the details for a B2B Synchronization, has a live demo with a complete Setup and summarize the add value of B2B for companies. Attendees will learn, how easy the job is, to implement external Users, have full control and speed up collaboration processes.

Kevin McDonnell

Microsoft Search - the what, the why and the how


Heard about Microsoft Search but not quite sure where it fits in? Unsure how you can use the search on your own pages? Wondering if you can bring in other content? Let me guide you through what can done now and what is coming soon, balancing the different types of search.

Tomasz Poszytek MVP

Building chatbots without a single line of code

Dynamics 365

Staying in touch with customers is a must-have for companies. Chatbots are one of the ways that allows enterprises to fulfill that need. Customers can often find them publicly accessible on web sites, waiting to advise and help on making a choice, searching the right offer or solving other issues. Chatbots are also a good solution for employees to find answers to their questions too! We used to think that building a bot requires development. With Virtual Agent this is not true anymore! If you want to learn more how to create a chatbot without a single line of code, join this session!

You will learn:

  • What is Virtual Agent for Dynamics 365/ Power Platform
  • How you can build your own chatbot
  • How you can integrate that chatbot with Common Data Services/ Dynamics 365
  • How escalate form chatbot to a real employee
  • How you can embed chatbot on your company's public website/ intranet

Well designed and operating chatbots can save you hours on solving simple customers' problems and answering the most common answers. New tool for Dynamics 365/ Power Platform is for sure something you be more familiar with.

Ben Menesi

Office 365 from a hacker's perspective: real-life threats, tactics, and remedies

Office ​365

Office 365 environments are very attractive targets for attackers. So, it's never been more important to understand how its security structure works, and how to best configure it.

In this in-depth session, we'll run through real-time attack scenarios and examine common attack vectors. And then we'll explore the various defense capabilities of Office 365, the MS Graph API, and Azure AD. We'll deep-dive into external sharing, authentication options, third-party application security (what apps should and shouldn't be able to do), and even some do's and don'ts regarding Azure AD endpoints and authorization mechanisms.

You'll walk away with a solid understanding of how to use the Office 365 defense tools at your disposal, such as the Attack Simulator and Threat Intelligence, as well as how they relate to real-world attacks.

Riaz Javed Butt MVP

Zero Trust Model & Azure AD Conditional Access


This session is focused on foundation knowledge of zero-trust model and why organizations need to consider zero-trust model. We will go through the details of how Azure AD conditional access policies can help start with zero-trust model. I'll be sharing the recommended conditional access policies based on field experience with attendees of what they can plan and what they need to consider for end user impact.

Kirti Prajapati

Use Azure Cognitive Services in SPFx


In this session - you will learn how to integrate various services with Azure Cognitive Services in SharePoint Framework solution and how that will help us to solve real-world problems.

Joel Rodrigues

SharePoint Framework - from Hello World to being productive


Are you new to SharePoint Framework? Have you created your Hello World solution but nothing more than that? As you know, it takes a lot of time to learn new methodologies before you can be productive, and as a developer, you want you productivity to always be high.
This session is designed for developers that have just started (or are planning to start) learning SharePoint Framework. You will learn how to get productive with SharePoint Framework using the same tools and libraries that all the SPFx "rock stars" are using to make their lives easier.

Paul Stork

Working with Large Data Sources: Planning for Delegation in Power Apps

Power apps

Business data has a tendency to grow over time. So the data source that started out as a perfectly manageable 250 records has now grown to almost 2,000. You've increased the maximum data source size several times and seen performance on your Power App degrade and soon your afraid the app will stop working entirely. Does this sound familiar? Don't lose hope. In this session we'll review a variety of tricks and techniques that you can use to make your Power App work well even when your record count exceeds 2,000.

Nate Chamberlain MVP

You’re the one, OneNote!


Are you looking for more productivity in your life? Sticky notes leaving you…unsatisfied?

Sit back and enjoy this journey through the sweetest productivity story ever told, where you’ll be inspired to take “note” of new ways of working more efficiently day-to-day with OneNote. We'll cover powerful features, and compare and contrast OneNote for Windows 10 vs OneNote 2016. When it comes to working smarter and not harder, OneNote is the one.

Laurent Carlier

10 huge differences that make OneNote education a real game changer


Are you sure you know OneNote ? Have you heard about the education version, much powerful than the business version ?

Join my session to learn about 10 big differences and features (content library, portfolios, 3d great party integration tools like Flipgrid, Wakelet..., flipped learning, digital ink & Microsoft Teams relation) that make OneNote a nice tool to change the scope of learning around the world.

Chris Gecks

Harness Dark Data to drive Digital Transformation

office 365

In this session we will go on a journey of discovery into how to harness dark data using Microsoft Search, Delve, MyAnalytics and Workplace Analytics. Attendees will learn how to elevate their thinking and in turn productivity by harnessing personal and organizational insights.

Darrell Webster MVP

The exhaustive guide to Microsoft Teams conversations - for now.


So you think you know all you need to know about Conversations in Microsoft Teams? With new ways to communicate continuing to arrive, I'm sure you don't know all you need to know. In fact, even as I typed this abstract, 2 new ways to hold conversations in Teams were announced in the 365 Message Center!

It's about time someone brought them all together and told some stories to make sense of it all.
In this session, attendees will learn about the different ways to hold conversations, from chat to channels to moderated threads, to tagged conversations. I'll even tell a couple of stories to put private channel conversations in the context of real Teams teamwork.
But most importantly, learn how to tell your people about the different conversation options in Teams without overwhelming them. Improve adoption by starting with what they need and know.
While not Intermediate level in technical ability, you better bring your adoption-fu and change-kwon-do to this conversation. It's an Intermediate conversation when trying to explain sensibly to our end-users.

Juan Carlos Gonzalez MVP

Private Channels in Microsoft Teams: An End-to-end overview


For several months, Private Channels (PC) in Microsoft Teams were the top requested feature in user voice until they were disclosed at Microsoft Ignite 2019. In this session I will show you PC fundamentals, which are the key building blocks behind the scenes such as a brand new SharePoint Online tied to each PC, how PC works in terms of membership and some of the current limitations we have in place in this first version of PC.

Adam Deltinger MVP

How to drive successful Microsoft Teams adoption in 7 steps


Learn how to get better user adoption for Microsoft Teams within your organization in seven easy to understand steps! This session is intended for IT managers as well as any stakeholder or user champion. Gain a better understanding of how you can perform a successful rollout of Microsoft Teams in your organization.

Chirag Patel

Rolling out Microsoft Teams for collaboration in a global organisation


Need to enable and improve collaboration in your organisation? In this session, we will cover real world scenario of delivering Microsoft Teams for collaboration through upgrade from Skype For Business, business scenarios, change management and adoption and hands on technical delivery of the solution. This session is designed for IT and business managers who are looking to help their organisations to succeed with Microsoft Teams collaboration.

Peter Donohue

Case Study: Collaboration - What A (Glass) Waste

office 365

This is my real life experience bringing teams together to design, build and execute a plan to remove glass waste from recycling in Ballarat, Vic, Australia. We used Teams, Powerapps, SharePoint and Power BI

Paul Mather MVP

The new Microsoft Project experience, zero to hero


Heard about the new Project tool in town? Come to this session to see the latest and greatest from Microsoft Project, see how intuitive the new project tool is to use! Learn how the application is architected and how it can be extended using the Power Platform

Scott Eastin

So you want to be an independent IT consultant


Face it, you have always thought about going out on your own. For some people, this is a great fit and for others, it isn't. Learn what it takes to be a successful independent consultant from Scott Eatin who has spent the last 10 years as an independent Microsoft identity management consultant. Scott brings a unique viewpoint to this topic since he works as an independent consultant as well as employs other independents just like himself. Gain 10 years of lessons learned in this informative session.

Nick Brattoli MVP

Striking out on your own: How to be an Independent Consultant or Freelancer


Are you thinking about becoming an independent consultant or freelancer? If so, there are a lot of things you'll need to address in order to be successful. In this session, Nick Brattoli will talk about being independent. He'll discuss topics such as:

- Getting started
- Deciding when to quit your full-time job
- Getting and maintaining work
- Surviving slow periods
- Scaling out your operation

If you are or are considering becoming independent, don't miss this session!

Laura Rogers MVP

Customized SharePoint List Forms in PowerApps - Ten Pro Tips


In SharePoint, lists are commonly used to create simple request forms, and do quick collaboration on lists of items. It is often necessary to customize the look of forms, when business requirements become more complex, or to add some visual appeal and company colors. PowerApps is a powerful tool that can be used to customize the look of forms, and add logic. There are a few important tips to know about, so that you can save time, and design forms in the most efficient way. In this session, learn ten pro tips, such as how to utilize the SharePoint Integration property, common form logic functions, how to determine the type of PowerApp to build for your scenario.

Dawid Ziółkowski

Find your way with Power Apps


How to use the Google and / or Bing Connector to add the GEO location to your application and get the information about the ROUTE to specific target, including all the steps which you need to do to get to destination (like in the GPS information).

The use case might be the apps were you have the service or deliver to specific location.

Ben Stegink

How to defend against the ticking time bomb of content sprawl in Microsoft 365

power automate

In this session, Ben will deep-dive into governance, showcasing how you can use Power Automate, PowerShell and Azure to implement processes to keep your content carefully managed and governed.

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Ben Stegink

Matt Weston

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