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At Collab365, we are really passionate about improving your Office 365 skills at our professional-grade online events, for free. However, to keep them free (while they play out), we obviously need help to pay the advertising and production bills.

To solve this, we considered charging a small $9 fee up front, but then realised that would discount people who are just getting started in their careers, or living in poorer countries. 

We needed to find something we could offer that would cover the costs. I really wanted to design a product that was both irresistible and was also worth way more than we were charging. 

It also had to be something I'd personally buy myself.

What "irresistible offer" did we decide on for GlobalCon1?

We've created a bundle that I am really proud of. We call it the "All-Access Pass"! The All-Access Pass gives you:


  • Life-time access to every single GlobalCon1 session (and 10 EBooks) 
  • plus (and here's the kicker), all of the ebooks and sessions from our Teams, Flow and Power Apps Summits.
  • We will also give you our Teams Training videos by Matthew J Bailey MVP.

The All-Access Pass will eventually be $139, but right now it's just $59.

(Super Early Bird ends soon, so be quick to get at this discounted price).

Scroll below and see what's in the All-Access Pass. You can also learn from others that have supported us before. 

If you do purchase it, thank you, it's appreciated more than you will ever know.

BTW, if you don't like the All-Access Pass, we will refund you. (But, I know you will love it).

Thanks and see you on the big day!

Mark J (The bald dude from Collab365)

P.S. I am also personally building a brand new portal called the "365ers" which will host everything and give you many ways to chat with your peers. It's not quite ready yet, but I am pulling some long nighters as I am so excited to get it live. Once it's ready, you're IN!

Don't worry though, for now, we will send you everything you need to get the sessions and Ebooks within 5 minutes of purchasing!

Note: The 'Super Early Bird' offer ends soon. Grab it today (at our lowest price). If you would like to know what else you get. See What's in the All-Access Pass

What's in the All-Access Pass?​​​​

Here's what you get in the Super Early Bird All-Access Pass ...

Minimum of 10 Companion Ebooks (value $59)

All session Recordings from GlobalCon1 (value $129)

16 Recordings & 10 Ebooks (value $148)

14 Recordings & 10 Ebooks (value $148)

10 Recordings & Ebooks (value $148)

SPFx Cheatsheet (value $10)

Flow Expressions Guide (value $10)

Teams Training Nuggets (value $119)

To purchase all of this individually, it'd cost $801.

As a super early bird, you can all of the above for just $59!!!

If you'd like to see what sessions we covered in this years  Flow, Teams and Power Apps Summits, have a look.

Here's what  2 IT Pro's had to say about the All-Access Pass.

Tammy Schwark

Ivor Davies

Here's a reminder of a few of the sessions we have confirmed so far (plenty more to come)

Mark Kashman, Microsoft

Plan for governance to transform teamwork with Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

Employee collaboration with colleagues inside and outside of the company is the name of the game. Finding a balance between readily sharing files and protecting corporate assets is crucial. Learn how to use, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint to help manage, govern, and protect your data in a highly collaborative environment. Pre-read:

Erica Toelle MVP

How Project Cortex will Help Your Organization


Project Cortex is a new service from Microsoft that uses AI to enhance knowledge management and content. In this session, we will review the Project Cortex announcements from Ignite. We will also talk about what these announcements mean for your organization and what you can start doing today to get the most value from Project Cortex later.

Julie Turner MVP

Introducing Microsoft 365 learning pathways

Office ​365

Microsoft has some great learning materials available via its and sites, but delivering that content to your end users has been a tedious exercise in the past. It's been up to you to monitor all the training available and build a training site - possibly in SharePoint - to deliver it to your users. With the release of Microsoft 365 learning pathways through the SharePoint Online Provisioning portal, you now have a way to provide your end users a customized training experience that leverages all the great content from Microsoft - plus content that you create in your organization.  Join me to learn all the ins and outs of this great new offering.

What we'll cover:

  • What exactly is Microsoft 365 learning pathways
  • What are my options for using it in my Office 365 Tenant
  • How do I customize what content is available and how it's organized
  • How do I build custom content

Hans Brender MVP

B2B Sync - the supreme discipline of synchronization


After years of „normal Synchronization with documents Microsoft released B2B sync. More and more companies are in the Cloud or going into the Cloud. With Office 365 and Collaboration B2B Sync (Business to Business Synchronization) Microsoft is going to move enhance such capabilities. The session describes the core principles for syncing from OneDrive to B2B, explains the details for a B2B Synchronization, has a live demo with a complete Setup and summarize the add value of B2B for companies. Attendees will learn, how easy the job is, to implement external Users, have full control and speed up collaboration processes.

Darell Webster MVP

The exhaustive guide to Microsoft Teams conversations - for now.


So you think you know all you need to know about Conversations in Microsoft Teams? With new ways to communicate continuing to arrive, I'm sure you don't know all you need to know. In fact, even as I typed this abstract, 2 new ways to hold conversations in Teams were announced in the 365 Message Center!

It's about time someone brought them all together and told some stories to make sense of it all.
In this session, attendees will learn about the different ways to hold conversations, from chat to channels to moderated threads, to tagged conversations. I'll even tell a couple of stories to put private channel conversations in the context of real Teams teamwork.
But most importantly, learn how to tell your people about the different conversation options in Teams without overwhelming them. Improve adoption by starting with what they need and know.
While not Intermediate level in technical ability, you better bring your adoption-fu and change-kwon-do to this conversation. It's an Intermediate conversation when trying to explain sensibly to our end-users.

Kevin McDonnell

Microsoft Search - the what, the why and the how


Heard about Microsoft Search but not quite sure where it fits in? Unsure how you can use the search on your own pages? Wondering if you can bring in other content? Let me guide you through what can done now and what is coming soon, balancing the different types of search.

Tomasz Poszytek MVP

Building chatbots without a single line of code

Dynamics 365

Staying in touch with customers is a must-have for companies. Chatbots are one of the ways that allows enterprises to fulfill that need. Customers can often find them publicly accessible on web sites, waiting to advise and help on making a choice, searching the right offer or solving other issues. Chatbots are also a good solution for employees to find answers to their questions too! We used to think that building a bot requires development. With Virtual Agent this is not true anymore! If you want to learn more how to create a chatbot without a single line of code, join this session!

You will learn:

  • What is Virtual Agent for Dynamics 365/ Power Platform
  • How you can build your own chatbot
  • How you can integrate that chatbot with Common Data Services/ Dynamics 365
  • How escalate form chatbot to a real employee
  • How you can embed chatbot on your company's public website/ intranet

Well designed and operating chatbots can save you hours on solving simple customers' problems and answering the most common answers. New tool for Dynamics 365/ Power Platform is for sure something you be more familiar with.

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Here at Collab365 we're passionate about bringing you the latest information about Microsoft Products and Services. We also believe that it should be affordable for all. Our Summits are free to attend (up to 5000) and even then we only charge a nominal fee to help cover the production costs.

they're nice to the planet

We're also doing our bit to help with global warming. Our virtual conferences use a fraction of the Carbon of their physical counterparts. You need power and an internet connection to join in, but there is no travel or accommodation to offset, nor any plastic cups to throw away afterwards.

post conference materials

After each Summit is over we get really busy producing the videos on-demand and creating Companion EBooks to help you learn all year round. We do ask for a small donation to help support the costs of creating these, but it's very affordable and there is no obligation to buy them.

chat with your peers

It's great to just sit back, watch and listen to the sessions, however you can also get involved by joining the discussion in chat or by asking the speaker questions. It's a great way to feel more connected.

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We invite speakers from all over the world. Many have made their name and been awarded MVPs or Regional Director status. Others work at Microsoft or have achieved top certifications such as MCT.

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Some of the Speakers at our Summits also offer consultancy to help you continue your learning on our newest service Collab365 MicroJobs! No matter how big or small your request, they will be happy to help.

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